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Unique Design: SOHO Resort is a project consisting of 2 towers,the West Tower with 15 floors and 50 apartments and the East Tower, with 16 floors and 68 apartments. The project includes 12 shops, gym, spa and swimming pool and is surrounded by 20 large, modern and luxurious villas.

The elegant silhouette of the towers stands out without disturbing the landscape, but rather by elevating it, giving everything a futuristic touch of beauty. Its progressive and inventive design doesn’t follow the formal boundaries of design but offers a unique vision for residents and passersby. How much natural light, air and views can a building enjoy on every single floor? According to SOHO… all of them!

Every space in SOHO Resort is designed in a way that doesn’t constrict the rich views of the area. The inventive use of glass ensures both towers are drenched in the glorious Cypriot light and sea breeze making every square meter of this ambitious project inviting and outstanding.

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UNIQUE Location.

SOHO Resort is located in a not only convenient and easy-to-reach area of Paphos, but also at a location with stunning views, right by the sea.

UNIQUE Paphos.

Paphos has a rich history and a promising future. The birthplace of Aphrodite,the goddess of love, is also a modern city with numerous business offices of international companies. It also has some spectacular tourist attractions, like the ancient tombs of the kings, the castle, the Akamas region, the Avakas gorge and so many more.

UNIQUE Opportunity.

Looking to invest in something exciting? SOHO Resort is the opportunity you’ve been looking for, ticking all the boxes for a promising and safe investment. Its location, construction quality, innovative character and luxurious interior guarantee you get more for your money and that you are part of an elite.

A project so unique
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So Luxurious.

SOHO Resort is destined to become a landmark in Paphos. It is here to revolutionize luxury and redefine innovation in ways that are ground-breaking and record-setting. The towers will not only be known for their height, but also for the high standards of service to all residents.

Offering an extensive series of services, SOHO Resort is not just here to stay. It is here to soar!


The smell of the sea blends with the smell of flowers, rays of sunshine reflect on crystal clear glasses, the sound of the waves splashing mixes with the sound the city. This is SOHO. A feast for the senses, not just a building, but an experience. The design of the project pairs the city vibe with beachfront living perfectly, creating an inimitable and superior construction.


SOHO Resort is not just about looking good. It offers a living experience that cannot be matched nor surpassed. Residents can enjoy the private swimming pool, sports facilities, park, playground and stunning gardens and escape from the stress and routine of everyday life whenever they like. Need to delight in a drink or grab a quick bite? Restaurants, cafes and bars are all at your service! So enjoy your SOHO experience!


We all enjoy the good things in life. A walk to the beach, an hour of doing the exercise we love, a lazy coffee under the sun, quality family time, a break from our busy lives. At SOHO Resort you can do all that and more. You can live like you are on vacations 365 days a year. This is the place to unwind, relax, recharge and embrace the good life! SOHO’s private services and outdoor facilities make sure you feel at home and at ease.


Feel the vibe of the city as soon as you step out of your home! SOHO Resort is a place full of life and happenings! Shopping, eating, drinking, everything is done easily and effortlessly, creating an exciting city vibe every morning till late at night!


Surrounded by luxury.



The Cyprus Investment Programme is one of the best and most attractive immigration programs in the world – and SOHO Resort represents an outstanding opportunity to invest in a highly desirable, luxury waterfront property in a safe island nation that enjoys a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.

This program offers the most simple and efficient means of obtaining Cyprus citizenship, which provides full EU rights, including the ability to live and work in any EU country. The program requires an investment of €2M in residential real estate, an investment which must be retained for a period of five years, and a €150.000 contribution. All nationalities are eligible to apply, the application examination period is just six months.

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Time to Citizenship

6 Months


Residency Requirement

3 Months PR Card



All Nationalities


Visa-Free Travel

173 Countries


Dual Citizenship




Spouse, dependants up to age 28 & parents of main investor


Exit Strategy

5 Years


Tax Consequences


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Interior Penthouses

So Desirable.

Do you want to make sure you get your so…hot spot? There are now 118 luxury apartments, 12 units for commercial use and 20 modern villas available. Due to the great interest for the project, numbers change fast.

  • 01.   Spectacular layouts and sea views
  • 02.   High standards of quality and design
  • 03.   Member access to resident-only areas
  • 04.   24-hour security and concierge
  • 05.   Private underground parking


When something is as innovative, groundbreaking and exceptionally beautiful as SOHO, you need to see it to believe! Browse through our gallery to see SOHO and get updates as the project develops!

SOHO Resort boasts over 46.000 m2 of amenities. The Dshared spaces are designed thoughtfully, keeping our residents’ and visitors’ comfort in mind, effortlessly impressing and providing plenty of space to relax, socialize and enjoy the view. Amenities include a total of 12 shops, such as restaurants, coffee bars and cocktail bars, as well as a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, tennis court, workspaces, entertainment spaces and an outdoor park.

The vibrant colors in the garden complimented by the sea next to them offer a spectacular experience, turning even a routine walk outside into an experience for all the senses.

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An award-winning vision!

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